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Hi there~ I'm Minouze ! or Coco.
I'm French, I'm 17 years old and I'm in highschool.
I absolutly love to draw, and I'm glad to share my drawings with you guys !
If you want to know something about me or anything, like, what softwares I use, if you want a tutorial... Just comment below or send me a note ! :hug:

I fell into One Piece hell once again. :dummy: But I'm mixing it with Steven Universe because FUSIONS.


My personal & art tumblr | My One Piece fanart tumblr | My Coralaw askblog | My Youtube Channel | My Zootopia tumblr

Don't thank me for the llama badge, just give me one back. ;)


AVENTURES -  Season 1 cover by Minouze
AVENTURES - Season 1 cover

Aventures (French for Adventures) is a French webshow on youtube. 4 video games lovers play together to a board RPG.

I wanted to put this series into a comic so non-French speakers could discover it and see how awesome it is! I hope I’ll make it justice! 



Go to the blog and read the about page for more info!

I only own the comic, the characters and story belong to the Aventures Team 8D
A commission I completed for :iconcla-re:! Emmy from Professor Layton and their friend's OC! Thank you so much for commissioning me!

COMMISSION INFO 2016 [OPEN] by Minouze


Alright, just like last year, I’ll be opening commissions in July (I’d love to open them right now but finals are coming around the corner) and August.

Those are indicative prices. The price may change depending on what you ask me to draw. Paypal Only!


  • I keep the right to decline a commission if I don’t feel comfortable doing it.
  • I keep the right to post your commission on my blog, deviantART and the speedpaint of it (if I recorded it) on my YouTube channel.
  • You’re not allowed to modify and/or resell your commission.  However, you add text and print it out if you want.

What’s the difference between “Fullbody - Simple” and “Fullbody - Complex”?

The difference is the difficulty I’ll have doing it.
A simple fullbody is a standing pose, hands on hips or arms crossed, or sitting down… It’s a fullbody that’s still.
A complex fullbody is a fullbody that implies perspective or a very dynamic pose like running, jumping, flexing… a fullbody that moves.

What are those “+1 character = x1.5″?

The price of your commission will change depending how much characters are going to be on the picture.
For exemple, you want a Cell shading fullbody - simple commission with two characters. The price is going to be 15 x 1.8 = 27USD. If you want 3 characters, 15 x 1,8 x 1,8 = 48,60USD and so on, and so on!

What can you draw?

Fanart, OCs, Anthro (negociable), things like nekomimi, Yaoi, Yuri, Het, partial nudity (not objectifying though), Clones (from SW/TCW)

What will you not draw?

Porn, vulgar nudity, gore, lolli/shota (in a sexual way),

How to commission me?

Send me an e-mail at respecting this chart:
Object: Your Username - Which platform you commission me from (for you it’s going to be deviantart) - What kind of commission you want (eg: Simple coloring fullbody - simple; painty coloring bust - halfbody)

Then in the body of your mail you explain what you have in mind, if you want me to draw an OC then tell me about their personality. DON’T FORGET TO JOIN REFERENCES!! It’s very important especially for an OC, also you can join pose references if you want, to help me picturing what you have in mind for your character(s).

After that I’ll tell you if it’s okay with me and I’ll make some sketches. I show you the sketches, you choose one and I’ll wait until I get your payment. Then I’ll go back to your commission. When the flat colors will be set on your drawing, I’ll send it to you so you can check if it’s okay. If it is, I’ll go back to it and I’ll finish it!


Payments are done through Paypal only. However, don’t send me the payment as a gift. Wait until I send you a bill. That way, Paypal can’t be a bitch to you nor me. Taxes are taken from the money you send me so the taxes will be counted in the final price and you’ll have to pay them. No worries though, it’s usually just a couple dollars.

If you have other questions regarding my commissions, you can send me a note or an e-mail at

That’ll be it. Thank you for reading!


My personal & art tumblr | My One Piece fanart tumblr | My Coralaw askblog | My Youtube Channel | My Zootopia tumblr
OP - Corazon Week Day 2 {Makeup} by Minouze
OP - Corazon Week Day 2 {Makeup}

I think about Roci’s make up a lot… I feel like his makeup is some sort of chains that link him to his wicked brother. His makeup is something that hides his true self, something sticky and gross that he hates, that makes Corazon real. He looks disgusting….but he has to. It’s all an act.

☆ Watch the speedpaint ☆


My personal & art tumblr | My One Piece fanart tumblr | My Coralaw askblog | My Youtube Channel | My Zootopia tumblr


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